Tanya Graysmark - Founder & Director


The 2015-2016 second half of the year is upon us! Our facility is busy with students and staff! We are currently recruiting new students every day! I am very exited as we begin wrappoing up our 9th school year in Maricopa, Arizona! Our campus is open to tours and new families everyday! Please stop in anytime!

I always look forward to meeting new families and hope that you stop in and visit when you have free time! If you can, please send a neighbor and/or family member that can benefit from our services. Graysmark Academy provides a quality education and a warm, safe environment to our students and families. We continue that tradition year after year with the same warm, friendly, safe place to send your little ones!

I hope that your website browsing has answered most of your questions. I always want to have families come in and visit prior to registering. It is very important to me & our staff that all of your questions are answered and you feel comfortable with your decision to make Graysmark Academy a part of your childs future.

Preschool is so important to our children; it offers them such a great start and strong foundation for their educational future!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit our website! I hope you stop in and visit with us at our Maricopa, Arizona location sometime soon!


Tanya Graysmark, MA