Educational Philosophy

We believe that society benefits when all individuals are able to achieve their maximum learning potential. We believe that each and every child has the right to an education, which will foster spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and social growth. We believe that Graysmark Academy has a core set of knowledge and skills which will enable us to collaborate effectively with others to ensure the highest quality of learning and a caring, protective, nurturing environment for our children. We believe that we routinely engage in professional activities, which are responsive to and benefit the increasingly diverse needs of our children and their families. We believe that collaboration is a key principle throughout a child's educational experience. We believe that we continuously strive to maintain a high degree of integrity and competency in all our professional practices. We believe that Graysmark Academy is prepared to serve as mentor teachers-practitioners that we can educate the general community on the need for early childhood education and family involvement. We can guide the development of collaborative, caring communities where students of all ages can develop a love and a joy for education. Graysmark Academy believes that all students can develop a love of learning. We believe that all teachers of students must be prepared to serve students with diverse needs, adapting instruction to individual differences, cultural backgrounds, and developmental levels of our children. We believe we can make sound educational judgments that are informed by theory, research and best practice for our students, our families and our community. Guided by this philosophy Graysmark Academy believes that we can build a strong foundation in subject matter instruction and emphasize teaching as a process that requires ongoing programming and evaluation. We believe that we can make a difference!

Tanya Graysmark

Founder and Director