Program of Instruction

Graysmark Academy is focused on academic excellence. Our program of instruction is challenging, rigorous and fun for our students! Our preschool program is based around a day filled with academic instruction that is busy and exciting! Students learn math, reading, writing, science, art and classroom management skills. They spend their day working in a variety of settings (Individually, small group, large group and one on one with the teacher)! Students have many opportunities to be challenged and to learn new things! We practice songs, dramatic play, taking turns and manners.

Teachers are supportive, nurturing and enthusiastic! We utilize our own daily curriculum with all of our preschool classes along with Saxon for our Pre-K and Early K Math. We utilize cooperative learning groups, differentiated instruction and problem-based learning. Our teachers are trained to implement this program and have ongoing professional development to keep staff up to date with the most effective teaching methods.

Graysmark Academy has been located in Maricopa, Arizona since 2006. We have had over 250 preschool graduates and counting! We love our preschoolers and enjoy watching them learn each day!

Our commitment is to our students educational foundation. Please stop in and visit with the director and our staff. We are available each and every day we are open for school and love to have you drop in!

Please check our school calendar for classroom instruction days and our days off!

Graysmark Academy & Staff