Reading Program

Graysmark Academy partners with many local businesses to offer as much exposure to reading as possible to our students. We currently work with Barnes and Noble, Scholastic, UsBorne Books and SunnyD to provide the newest books to our preschool students each year.

Graysmark Academy also partners with Holsteiner Agricultural School. HAS provides an after school tutoring program for struggling readers. Please see below for details

Holsteiner Agricultural School Introduces:
SUSTAIN - Reading Program (offered after school)

SUSTAIN Reading Overview -

This program is geared toward furthering student academic success. We offer reading help and guided study time to students accepted into SUSTAIN. SUSTAIN provides small group tutoring to students who fall below an 80% success rate in reading comprehension and reading fluency. Students who meet the criteria will be offered space into the program. Our goal is to have students reach 90% grade level success rate as soon as possible. SUSTAIN offers this program free of charge. Applications & Guidelines will be handed out during the first week of school.

Schedule: 2:30pm - 3:00pm
SUSTAIN is offered FREE of charge as a service to our students and their families. Holsteiner Agricultural School partners with local and national companies that help support this reading program.